Work Packages

View the eight work packages focusing on two main aspects: The development of high-temperature heat pumps and procedures to improve the process integration.

The project is structured in eight work packages which are designed to address the two areas of technology development and process integration most optimally.

SuPrHeat Workpackages

WP 1 lays the foundation for the modular and flexible technology development. The technologies were chosen to cover a broad range of possible applications at high performances, which provides the required flexibility for the process integration. WP 1 will focus on the overall technology portfolio to ensure that the available synergies are exploited optimally.

The process integration will be covered by WP 2 and 3. WP 2 focuses on the optimal integration of heat pumps in existing facilities, while addressing the level of integration as well as possible strategies for the conversion towards heat pump-based scenarios. WP 3 is concerned with the integration of heat pumps into new process equipment such as spray dryers or freeze dryers.

The technology development is conducted in three work packages according to the respective system:

Each of the work packages starts with the general system development including the design, modification, and manufacturing of the components. Subsequently, the systems will be constructed, before they are going to be tested at DTI with respect to function and performance. During this phase, further modifications are expected to be made according to the outcome of the tests. After successful testing of the general function and performance, the pilot plants will be installed at end users and tested on site with respect to long-term performance.

The work packages focusing on the developments are complemented with WP 0 for the project management and WP 7 for the dissemination.