About the Project

The project "SuPrHeat - Sustainable process heating with high-temperature heat pumps using natural refrigerants" is an interdisciplinary and cross-cutting research, development, and demonstration project with 16 partners from Denmark, Germany, UK and Sweden. The project aims at facilitating the uptake of high-temperature heat pumps for electrifying and decarbonizing industrial process heat supply.

The project has a duration of four years from September 2020 until August 2024. The project has a total budget of 61.3 mill. DKK, and it is partly funded by the EUDP programme. 


  • Project overview

    Get a quick overview of the project.

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  • Project Partners

    The project involves 16 partners from Denmark, Germany, UK, and Sweden.

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  • Work Packages

    View the eight work packages focusing on two main aspects: The development of high-temperature heat pumps and procedures to improve the process integration.

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  • Glossary

    Find the definitions for the most relevant expressions here.

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